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Can't BEAR to see your HYIP turn scam and disappear along with your money without leaving any TRACKS.?

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MyMoneyRecover is the world Leading Authority on High Yield Investment Programs. If you have lost your investment deposits or scam by dishonest HYIP trading company, file a disputes today to recover your lost funds.

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What exactly is HYIP?
Probably most people already know that HYIP stance for "High Yield Investment Programs"
HIGH YIELD means investing in an HYIP will bring HUGE returns on your investment. Compare this to a Bank's yearly interest of 1-4% on investment, and you can clearly see the benefits of investing in HYIPs

Did you know that most of HYIPs on the Internet are Serial Scammers. If you jumped in to invest without proper preparation or investigate, you must have even got burned by one of them. If not, you were lucky.

These so-called "HYIPs" promise unsustainably high returns such as 1% a day, 10% a month, or 200% a year, but they usually shutdown before payout, taking your money with them and disappear without leaving any TRACKS.

The questions is, Can the lost funds be recover?


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All dispute forms and payment fees must be submit within this site.

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About Us?
We are a team of MyMoneyRecover who recently help our client to recover their lost funds since 2009.
We have over 10 years of experience on security issues, country regulations, skip tracing, asset location & latest in collection technology.
Our mission is to recover our client's lost funds that scam by dishonest HYIP or trading company.

What We Need?
We will need their company or trading information such as Locations, Address, Register License Number, Owner's Name, Trading Location and any type of company document or information in order for us to investigate and recover your lost funds.

Please kindly click here to view our latest satisfies customer testimonials and Proof of Fund Recover.

How Your Claim is Handled?
We're sorry you had a loss. We know you probably have questions about what happens next. Our claim representatives are here to answer your concerns by the next business day and will ensure everything is clear for you.

You may file a dispute now to recover your lost funds or contact us for more information. Our representatives will get back to you as quickly as possible to assist you further.